Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old and New

This was Isabelle's nursery when she was a baby.
She never slept in here!
See the painted chest of drawers?
We found it at an antique or second hand shop and
Mimi painted it for her!

Isabelle is now 8 years old and needed a new look for her room.
So, Brendon, her sweet and loving father, sanded and stripped it
back to it's original look. Isabelle picked out new
knobs and voila! A brand new look!

We made the difficult decision to place our home for sale.We never sold our previous home and then renters have made no comments about wanting to purchase it. Their lease is up in February andwe don't want to face having two houses again. We thought we had found THE house for our family when we bought this one.However, it seems other plans are in store for us, but we don't yet know them!
These two sweet children of ours are understandably upset that
we will be selling this home. Please keep them (and our whole family) in your thoughts
and prayers. Especially that they will have peace and assurance in these
unstable and troubling times.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nothing New!

Opening a package from the cousins in Perth! It was Flat Stanley!!!!
Thank you!!!

I feel like there is nothing new to share, but I needed to post something on here! We are sort of in one of those Nothing New phases as it is. You know, where you feel like there is nothing new ever and it's the same old same old?

The kids are enjoying school!
I'm working at the school and you would think I would know what is going on, but I'm so busy there that I actually have to make a special effort to keep up with everything.

Isabelle and Joseph are both taking a tap class, and a tumble class, and are playing fall soccer.
Right now I think they really enjoy the tumble class the best of all!

I think the wind from the hurricane is blowing up here today, and I'm totally enjoying it!
Hopefully it will blow in some cool air, because yesterday was extremly muggy.
Hopefully, I may soon find more time and life will begin with a new feeling and that same old feeling will blow away!