Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Brendon!

We celebrated Brendon's birthday today!

We made Italian Cream Cake (not Italian, no cream, but creamed cheese!)
It does taste awesome.
We sang, of course!

Blowing out the 5 candles!
(No one is only 5 in this house!)
The girl picked ripe tomatoes!

Daddy talked to his brother!

We all love you!

Friday, August 07, 2009



Can you believe there is something new on Mommabelle????!!!

I still do not have my camera repaired, but my Mom loaned one of hers out, and so there are a few pictures to post. Not nearly as many as I would like though!

Brendon's parents were here for a 3 week visit in July! Really, Queensland is quite aways from Atlanta, so 3 weeks is not long at all when you have so much to catch up on!

We had a vacation down on the gulf for one week while they were here. The weather was so fabulous! It was nicely warm, not too hot and humid, and the wind was blowing out into the ocean so there were few to zero waves! It could not have been better!

Nanny, aka Lyn, arrived on her birthday, so a little celebration was in order to start off with!

We went putt putt golfing in FL towards the end of the week and it was truly sweltering! We only made 9 holes!

The kids taking a break from the swimming and castle making!

My girl building castles!

Lyn and Kevin relaxing!

Joseph playing in the gorgeous surf!

Lyn, Joseph and Brendon playing in the water!

Joseph snorkling!

Isabelle snorkling!

The fantastic weather and water!