Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cloth Diaper Adventure

I always wanted to try cloth diapers with Isabelle and Joseph, but I didn't know anyone else that used them.  I was unsure about them and so we just used disposables and that was fine.  I did quickly realize diaper genies were a waste of time and money for our family.  They just made huge diaper sausage links!  Disgusting!  Although, the time the dog found it, she thought it was great!  Are you barfing yet???

Anyway, people have asked how it's going with the cloth diaper adventure, what we use and how it works.  I decided to write about what I've discovered and what I'm liking right now.

A good decade has passed by since our oldest two were born and in that amount of time more people are using cloth.  


It is a new and confusing world when you first start to investigate cloth. I went on the Diaper Pin forum to educate myself.  There are still traditional flats and pre-folds with pull on covers.  This is the least expensive and easiest in the laundry.  Those still work great and the old fashioned pull ons are now colorful. I might even have to buy one!  Cloth diapering is actually addicting!
I  like the pre-folds snappied with a wrap cover. (I actually do have diaper pins, but snappies are what I use.) When babies get older and start eating you can just tri-fold the diaper and lay it in a wrap cover.  So easy! Here is how it works. I also discovered fitteds. Here and here.  The ones I like are pre-folds that are made into the shape of a disposable style diaper. Then you put a cover over them.  

Then there are AIO (all in one).  These are diapers with the cover sewn on them.  These are the most expensive and they take more time in the laundry.  They function the most like a disposable.  I have never had one, but apparently they are great for out and about and also for Dad's and Grandparents.  A very popular one is Bum Genius.

My personal favorite right now are fitteds with a wrap cover.  Once Samuel starts to eat and doesn't have all the runny breastfed poo, then a tri-folded pre-fold under a wrap style cover will be good too!

Source unknown, but I know those are Bummis Super Brite covers

There are a few little accessories that were confusing to me at first.  Doublers:  Just a narrow piece of cloth diaper to lay in the diaper to add absorbency.  You can also lay in a rice paper liner and flush that piece as long as you don't have a septic tank.  I might try that when he's older and we are out and about.  I use cotton diapers.  There are also microfiber, hemp and bamboo.  Some people use a fleece layer in the diaper for a stay dry feeling for the baby.  I have one that I use sometimes. I might get more as he gets older.  It is very inexpensive to do.

Wool covers are nice.  They are also expensive.  I would still like a couple of them though. Here and here.

My biggest frustration has been that Samuel has grown so fast.  I went back and had a look at Joseph's growth during his first year and it is the same, so I now know what the growth pattern is likely to be and can plan for it.  Samuel has just grown through the different sizes of cloth so quickly.
Thankfully, pre-folds are relatively inexpensive.  I was afraid of flats and never bought them, but honestly they are not hard at all.  You can easily see a you tube of how to fold them.  They are very inexpensive and would grow easily with the baby.

Right now Samuel is between sizes and is using disposables while I collect some fitteds and covers.  He genereally uses a disposable at night too. 

That's about it for diapers! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dinner: A Family Miracle

I don't know about you, but I have found the daily evening meal preparation to be challenging.  To be mundane.  I have at times hated it.  Have you gone through a funk with meal preparation?  Have I ever!    Sometimes lasting months.  I had a bad attitude.  I whined and moaned and searched the recesses of my brain for something else to do with chicken or ground beef.  Maybe this sounds familiar to you too?

We have a family history of Crohns disease and Celiac disease.  This has lead us to be very conscientious of how and what we eat.  Especially at home since we can't always control what we eat outside the home.  During the week I am the person who prepares the daily meals. Because we eat healthfully and have some food limitations, I do cook every meal and mostly from scratch. 

One evening we sat down and gave thanks and a gift of grace was shown to me.  Isabelle and Joseph began to talk and chat about various things to us.  Everyone was happy.  Joyful!  The candles I had lit flickered warmly illuminating precious faces.  I realized I had prepared this meal and set the stage for this family time to happen.  Thank you Holy Spirit for blowing in and showing the everyday blessing!  I knew that, I just needed to see it!

Today, I do still see mounds dishes to wash when I think of cooking, but now I also see a blessed time with my family.  Time that is precious with precious people. Cooking that meal has become a daily discipline for me.  I don't always love the actual work, but I do look forward to what it brings:  My family sharing the common meal. Sublime.

Friday, November 16, 2012

First Fire of the Season

A few weeks ago we lit our first fire of the season.   We enjoy sitting by the fire at night and having time as a couple to catch up, and time to enjoy the whole family in conversation or reading aloud or our own books.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homeschool 2012-2013 Reading and History

We use Sonlight for our reading and history spine this year.  I found a previously owned curriculum on Craigslist and ordered.  It actually came with the whole curriclum: All the books, plus language arts, science and religious studies in addition to the lesson plans.  We use only the literature and history books because we are doing other things for those other subjects.  It does have a suggested bible reading seperate from the religious studies and we follow along with that as well.

We chose Sonlight because Isabelle and Joseph really love to read and the lesson plans allowed them to begin each day without me while Samuel was in the newborn phase and I was groggy from sleep deprivation!  I simply took a highlighter to the lesson plans and showed them how to follow along with each days assignments.  It has worked out really great!  Now that Samuel is past the newborn sleep deprived stage I am able to get us all started on our day at the same time.

We chose Core F because we thought it would be interesting to study countries/continents that don't often get much time in "western" education.  This part of our curriculum was added fairly quickly to our original base of math and handwriting.

I have not been diligent about some of the research they should do online to learn about the countries.  I hope to get more disciplined in that area.  They really have some in depth questions about the different countries (geography, culture, population, history etc..) and it's a great way to learn some researching skills.

Isabelle reading
Joseph reading the same book later on with Samuel

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Growing boy!

New born
2 months!
We are coming up on three months on the 8th!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Diet Update

We are at the six week mark on the old Weight Watchers program.  I need a new burst energy and enthusiasm to reinvigorate my efforts.  I am still doing it, but of course it gets boring after this long and you just have to push through it.  I should probably start my running up, just to focus on something else!  I suppose I need to figure that out in my schedule! 

I did lose 1/2 lb each of the last two weeks.  Slow, but progress! 

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Two month well baby visit

Dr. Kute: our favorite pediatrician!
We only wait a few minutes at this office, but Samuel needed some sibling spoiling for those few minutes!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Fall Family Fun

We headed a few miles north up to Jaemor for a few hours of family fun.
Isabelle and Joseph led the way through this huge corn maze.

Which way?
Samuel had a great shady spot!  After a freezing week it was really quite warm on
Saturday.  Great Dad checking in on him!
Mommy was a little warm in the long sleeve black shirt!
It was hard to imagine it was nearly freezing a few days earlier!

After eating barbeque and and a little shopping in the market, we headed over
to the grandparents for meatloaf and a Dawg game!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween 2012

We have been trick or treating at my cousins house the last few years.
The kids raked in about 5lbs of candy EACH!!!
We did not carve the most spectacular pumpkins this year, but we got it done!!!

This WAS a spectacular lil punkin!!!
My favorite kids! Grim Reaper, a walking doodle, and my pumpkin!
Scary Family
Afterwards:  The loot is sorted and sometimes traded.
Can you believe this??  Crazy!