Friday, July 10, 2009

It's July

We have been busy and my camera is still broken! Those are a couple of excuses for not updating around here! Here are a few lines about the latest goings on:

It was so blazing hot and humid for awhile that we couldn't breath. We have had a reprieve this past week. In fact because it was so hot for awhile, I actually walk around with a sweater on these days when it's below 80*!

The kids finished up the summer league swim team season. It was a lot of fun and what's more is that most of the families that do summer swim are really nice people. We hope to have many more swim team summers.

On a sad note Brendon Grandmother passed away last week. It was a bit sudden, but she has gone to a better place.

Brendon's parents, Kevin and Lyn, were supposed to arrive here last week, but had to postpone for the above reason. They will arrive this coming Monday and be with us until the beginning of August. We will have good times!

We really enjoyed our July 4th holiday weekend with family and catching up with cousins! We look forward to next time already!

Yesterday, I caught up with one of my best friends. Our daughters were born a week apart. We don't get to see each other often enough!

Today another one of my best friends is having lunch with some of her Aunts and I'm keeping her kids. Which is fantastic really, because it keeps my kids busy all day! In other words I will not hear a word about being bored for several hours! We are having delicious frozen pizza for lunch! Ha!

This is Nana several years ago. Isabelle is on the end and Joseph in her lap.