Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow Week!

It snowed and snowed, and then snowed some more!
Has it ever snowed this much in Georgia?
I don't ever remember it.
It lasted a week this time, and little piles of it could be seen for
an additional week after that.
It was lots of fun ...for about two whole days!
We, who live in warm weather do not possess boots,
snow pants or other clothes.
Nor do our cities have snow plows, scrapers, sand or salt.
The snow still was beautiful and sparkled brightly every morning,
and we enjoyed it for a week..this one time!
The street
Isabelle sledding down on hill.

Our new house.

Joseph coming down the driveway.
The kids enjoying.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A fried computer

Last week, before the delightful snowtorm, my computer was inadvertantly fried. The electric company trucks were on the street working on something, and there must have been a wee mistake! My computer was a very sad victim of that mishap. Brendon will probably get it up and running soon, but for now I have to check from another computer, and I can't access any photo's right now. I'm just hoping nothing is gone.

We are working hard on our house right now. We need to have the stairs redone and that is taking place on Monday. We want a claw foot bathtub, and are looking for one. Then we need to sand the walls to prepare them for paint. (Oh yes, the wallpaper has been completly removed!) After we get the walls done we can finish the floors. Once all of that is completed we will be able to move in, but we do have enough projects to keep us busy for a year or two, or as I hear from my new neighbors...a life time. They are the third generation living in that house and they have done a great job with it.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

House update

Here are some pictures from about the 2nd stage of rip out.
The paneling is off the walls, and we find a fireplace in the master bedroom, and plank walls.
More wallpaper too!

Master bedroom with barewalls. The wallpaper in this room, just ripped off.
The fan is gone now as well.

This fireplace, in the dining room, was the first hidden one we found.
I was ripping out the fake floors, and I saw brick underneath, and this wall backs up to the living room wall, exactly where the fireplace is. They actually covered up the fireplace with those sticks and the ashes in there!
The wallpaper in this room, was very hard to get off, but it only went up 8ft.

The living room! The wallpaper goes all 12'8".
It had a medium difficulty rating to scrap off.
My dogs are not normally inside, but while we renovate we let them in.

Can you imagine living with this? I would be so dizzy!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Inside a Renovation!

Here are some of the very first photo's taken of the new house. A lot has already changed and I will post that as I get time.
Let's just get the worst out of the way first!

The very lovely bath!

The lovely bathroom! It will be completly renovated in every way. The powder blue tub is already gone and well everything else. We found out that 155,000 gallons of water leaked in the bathroom..and you could tell!

The Dining Room

The Living Room

The beautifully carpted stairs. It's your first vision when you enter the house!
Currently the carpet is gone and the stairs will get a complete overhaul, because they are so steep and narrow. Very scary to walk down.

This is a bedroom, but will end up being our closet/bath eventually.

The kitchen, with work stuff sitting out.

The Living Room
These are some of the first pictures we shot.

All the fake paneling, fake floors, and fake ceilings are gone!!!

Also that beautiful wood stove is gone, and someone paid us for it!

Under the fake wood floors, were real hardwoods. Hiding under the fake paneling was sheetrock, under which was wallpaper, and finally hardwood plank walls!!
When we took off the sheetrock we discovered two additional fireplaces for a total of four!

We discovered that there were 12'8" ceilings above the dropped ceilings, and they are hardwood planks as well!

Hmm..We also discovered that they used to burn large amounts of coal, and we are in for a major clean up.
If anyone is looking for me, I can usually be found peeling wallpaper at the new place!

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was very good!
Christmas Eve we went to church and then ate Mexican food!
I think we had a delicious week of eating, but now we need to get back to sensibility!
Christmas Day we cooked a great meal and had lunch with Mom and Dad, Kelley and Lora, and Sven and Majken.
It actually snowed on Christmas Day!!! Can you believe it?!!!
We also had an extended family Christmas and played with cousins!
I wish I had more pictures, but here are a few highlights.

Isabelle and Joseph heading out in the snow!

I made a Yule Log
Brendon made raspberry cheesecake
Joseph as a shepherd
Isabelle narrating the Christmas story