Wednesday, January 05, 2011

House update

Here are some pictures from about the 2nd stage of rip out.
The paneling is off the walls, and we find a fireplace in the master bedroom, and plank walls.
More wallpaper too!

Master bedroom with barewalls. The wallpaper in this room, just ripped off.
The fan is gone now as well.

This fireplace, in the dining room, was the first hidden one we found.
I was ripping out the fake floors, and I saw brick underneath, and this wall backs up to the living room wall, exactly where the fireplace is. They actually covered up the fireplace with those sticks and the ashes in there!
The wallpaper in this room, was very hard to get off, but it only went up 8ft.

The living room! The wallpaper goes all 12'8".
It had a medium difficulty rating to scrap off.
My dogs are not normally inside, but while we renovate we let them in.

Can you imagine living with this? I would be so dizzy!

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