Saturday, January 15, 2011

A fried computer

Last week, before the delightful snowtorm, my computer was inadvertantly fried. The electric company trucks were on the street working on something, and there must have been a wee mistake! My computer was a very sad victim of that mishap. Brendon will probably get it up and running soon, but for now I have to check from another computer, and I can't access any photo's right now. I'm just hoping nothing is gone.

We are working hard on our house right now. We need to have the stairs redone and that is taking place on Monday. We want a claw foot bathtub, and are looking for one. Then we need to sand the walls to prepare them for paint. (Oh yes, the wallpaper has been completly removed!) After we get the walls done we can finish the floors. Once all of that is completed we will be able to move in, but we do have enough projects to keep us busy for a year or two, or as I hear from my new neighbors...a life time. They are the third generation living in that house and they have done a great job with it.

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