Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Isabelle's 12th Birthday

Isabelle started out the day of April 10th bright and early!
Here she is sitting at the foot of our bed ready to see what her gifts are this year!

Purple Essie nail polish! 

Here she is wrapping an Amazima Bracelet around her wrist.
We read aloud a chapter a day as a family during lent of Kisses from Katie, which is how
we came to find out about Amazima.

 The Hunger Games! 

Later that evening we headed out to an Asian Fusion restaurant to celebrate with family.
Normally, we don't talk on the phone at the table, but her bestie called to wish her happy birthday!
Plus, who can resist that glamour shot of mom???

Mimi brought a bag of goodies for her...I don't know what the purpose of
this "thing" is but she told Mimi she wanted it!  

 Isabelle loves dolls.

 Daddy and his favorite girl!

Papa and Mimi


Love my girl!

The brother creature!

 Remember I didn't bake cakes this year!
She wanted red velvet and we were able to find that!

 The next Sunday while Joseph and Brendon were at Legoland Phipps, we went shopping.
Her Aussie Grandparents sent some money, and she got a few from Mom and Dad.
Y'all, we don't go shopping very often, so this was a fun special day.
I hope to get the photo off my phone of our chai latte and brownie treat that we stopped for 
at Chocolate Perks in Duluth.
Here we are heading out!

We went to La Ti Da in Suwanee for a nice purse!
First nice one ever!  
There was a whole selection to choose from, and she settled on a blue/green print.
It is very beautiful!
Isabelle is a special honey girl from the inside out!

Edited!  Here's a fun photo of us having iced chai latte's and a brownie!