Saturday, October 23, 2010

Piano Recital

These photo's are really aweful, but I wanted to still document this fall recital.

The recital was set to start at 9:30 and we needed to be there at 9:15, which is a wee bit early to be that dressed up on a Saturday morning! However, I actually didn't mind because it did get the whole thing over with by 11:00 and we had the rest of the day to ourselves. We actually didn't get there by the prescribed time, which ended up being just fine, because the recital hall didn't open the doors until 9:25 anyway...just as we were driving up!

The fall recital went great and the kids both played very well!

Look, Joseph wiggled enough before his turn, and his shirt came untucked!!!

I can't do great picture without flash inside and that is why they don't look so wonderful.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend 8...

is underway!

We are serving in a church community kitchen tonight, tomorrow morning we will attend the kids fall piano recital and hmm... we shall what the rest of the weekend brings!
The leaves are starting to fall and the temperature is just marvelous! We even pulled out the feather duvet to keep us toasty while we sleep.
I would love to eat some pumpkin soup this weekend! We saw a recipe for pumpkin soup with apples in it! YUMMO!
I have to say eating to lose is tough on the weekends! The weekdays are not too bad, but I did need to shave a bit off of the weekend consumptions!

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's been a long day..

relaxing in my comfy chair for a few minutes!

What shall I cook for dinner?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend recap

First of all Brendon did get a little sick on Friday and we were not able to make it to the square dance:(!!! I heard it was fun!

Saturday we slept in! Later we dropped by to take a peek at the latest Korean superstore to open up in the area. There are so many of them now, that I'm starting to give them ratings! This one actually has more than a grocery store and food court though, and it is the building that Macy's was located in. I did not go upstairs, but it is a department store up there. I still like one of the other stores better for food experience fun. However, this is still a cool place to go!

After that we dropped by the new Goodwill store. I did score a few fabulous finds!!! It's either hit or miss when shopping there.

Next we dropped by Whole Foods for a few things! Talk about polar opposite shopping experiences!

Finally, we came home for some chillaxin!

Brendon headed out to cook barbeque at church at 1 O'clock in the morning. I tell you what that is...freakin crazy! It tasted mighty delicious though!

And, here we are..almost time to put some children to bed!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend 9!

The first weekend of the weekend diet went great! It was not easy, but I did it!
Down 2lbs!!!!
I expect this one to be much the same! Heading out tonight for some family entertainment....squaredancing! Hee Haw! At least it's some exercise! Ha Ha Ha!!!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Countdown Weekend 10 begins!

The first of the 10 weekends begins with a challenge!

We are headed over to some friends house tonight. Thankfully they are some of my crunchy healthy friends! Plus, I already know the menu! A whole wheat pizza, salad (I'm bringing) and fruit for dessert. I'm thinking about 1 slice of pizza, lot's of salad and nibble of fruit! The host family usually doesn't drink wine/beer etc..(health reasons) so that should be easy too!

I've been friends with these ladies for five years now! I can't believe it's been that long! Our kids used to all go to the same school. Two of us have moved on, but we have all remained great friends. We usually get together once a month, but this fall has been super busy!
Side question: Do you like croutons? I don't like them messing up my salad! Yuck! I've had homemade and prepared etc.. I just prefer delectable crunchy veggies! They do taste good by themselves, but it's not a food that tempts me too much.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ten Weekends!

I'm embarking (wish that meant I was on a plane going somewhere!) on a 10 weekend eat well eating plan! I need to lose 20lbs, well really 27, but who's counting? At 5'1" 7lbs ends up being a fair amount, but for sanity's sake and ease of counting I'm going for 20lbs in 10 weeks.
If anyone wants to join me I'd love the company!!!! Alternately, you could just post encouraging words!

The reason for the 10 weekends: Weekends tend to be sneaky little diet disasters!!! You know what I mean??? You've worked hard all week, and your wonderful friends invite you over, and we are all relaxing and enjoying hanging out! The next thing you know you had a little nibble extra of this and sip or two extra of that! Umhmmm! So, I thought I would focus on getting through 10 weekends eating healthfully with modest portions. I'm a slight health nut and eat pretty well during the week, so it is only the weekends doing me in!

The weekends start on Friday and go through Sunday (duh). So, each Thursday I will try and remember to post something to get the weekend started off right! Maybe I should do a Sunday night recap of how it all went down! That should help with the motivation!

I'll be doing some fitness as well and will post more about that later.

I like to workout, and do it fairly regularly, but lately I need a little more of a plan.

This all sounds fun right now, but it's sure to be a challenge in a few weeks!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Star Wars!!!

We take a homeschool class on Mondays. We have our own curriculum, but they go over alot of important things that each kid needs to know. Multiplication tables, grammar, history and a science experiment. A little art/music apprectiation etc..

Today in Joseph's class they were learning the possessive pronouns. His class is all boys that are 8/9 years old. His teacher was teaching them the nursery song The Three Little Kittens so that they could sing the pronouns to the tune. The boys were all sitting there staring at her, probably not paying too much attention at this point. (I was so tired today, and so were the other mom's that I was half asleep in the back of the room) Joseph raises his hand and half stands out of his seat saying "I have a better idea Mrs. Heath" (at which point I come out of my sleepy haze wondering what he's going to say!) She graciously says "yes, Joseph what is it?" He then sings the possesive pronouns to the Star Wars theme song! She laughed and the boys loved it! Imagine each word going with each note of the theme song: " mine, yours, his, hers ours, yours, theirs, possesiv pronouns!"