Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend recap

First of all Brendon did get a little sick on Friday and we were not able to make it to the square dance:(!!! I heard it was fun!

Saturday we slept in! Later we dropped by to take a peek at the latest Korean superstore to open up in the area. There are so many of them now, that I'm starting to give them ratings! This one actually has more than a grocery store and food court though, and it is the building that Macy's was located in. I did not go upstairs, but it is a department store up there. I still like one of the other stores better for food experience fun. However, this is still a cool place to go!

After that we dropped by the new Goodwill store. I did score a few fabulous finds!!! It's either hit or miss when shopping there.

Next we dropped by Whole Foods for a few things! Talk about polar opposite shopping experiences!

Finally, we came home for some chillaxin!

Brendon headed out to cook barbeque at church at 1 O'clock in the morning. I tell you what that is...freakin crazy! It tasted mighty delicious though!

And, here we are..almost time to put some children to bed!

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