Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ten Weekends!

I'm embarking (wish that meant I was on a plane going somewhere!) on a 10 weekend eat well eating plan! I need to lose 20lbs, well really 27, but who's counting? At 5'1" 7lbs ends up being a fair amount, but for sanity's sake and ease of counting I'm going for 20lbs in 10 weeks.
If anyone wants to join me I'd love the company!!!! Alternately, you could just post encouraging words!

The reason for the 10 weekends: Weekends tend to be sneaky little diet disasters!!! You know what I mean??? You've worked hard all week, and your wonderful friends invite you over, and we are all relaxing and enjoying hanging out! The next thing you know you had a little nibble extra of this and sip or two extra of that! Umhmmm! So, I thought I would focus on getting through 10 weekends eating healthfully with modest portions. I'm a slight health nut and eat pretty well during the week, so it is only the weekends doing me in!

The weekends start on Friday and go through Sunday (duh). So, each Thursday I will try and remember to post something to get the weekend started off right! Maybe I should do a Sunday night recap of how it all went down! That should help with the motivation!

I'll be doing some fitness as well and will post more about that later.

I like to workout, and do it fairly regularly, but lately I need a little more of a plan.

This all sounds fun right now, but it's sure to be a challenge in a few weeks!

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Mimi/Susan said...

Want me to bring home salsa, chips and cheese burrito tomorrow night?