Friday, February 19, 2010

Dead battery..Change of plans!

The battery is dead! One of the lights was left on and no one did it!
Our morning errands have been waylaid and now we are all doing math!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homeschool Decisions!

I am slowly, very slowly, coming up with our own homeschool curriculum for next year.
We have enjoyed our one day a week hybrid, but we have learned alot and made other connections. It is possible we may do Classical Conversations one morning and loosly follow them, but I'd rather just join a regular homeschool group. Right now I'm pretty comfortable with where the kids are academically so I'm not concerned with that. We are starting to meet other homeschool families too and will either meet up with them or perhaps join a homeschool co-op for extra activities. I'm still not sure about all of that!
Here is our list so far:
Math: Horizons and Teachting Textbooks
Grammar: We have done Shurley Grammar and they learned ALOT, but are switching to???
Writing: researching I.E.W and Classical Writing or?
Spelling: perhaps Spelling Power
Penmanship: probably A Reason for Handwriting, but maybe something else
Vocabulary: probably Wordly Wise
Geography: don't know yet. We learned 50 states and capitals this year.
We could learn Australia and maybe Western Europe next year. Plus a little map reading book.
History. We like Story of the World but might have to add to it.
PE: play outside!, join a sports team for fun
Science: we read books, watch Nova and we will add Little Professor science kit and star gaze with Isabelle's telescope and learn the constellations
Foreign Language: German Rosetta Stone and Mommy talking
They started with French, but it is simply easier for me to do German.
My German needs a little practice, but it is WAY better than the 15 words I can say in French.
We can learn French together in a few years, but for now we are going with what is easier for me. I know alot of homeschooler do Latin and we may learn some basics, but I'd rather learn something more practical.
Piano will stay the same.
Art will be at the same homeschool art studio. It rocks!
Nature Study: Grow a garden with Daddy!
Reading: the kids read all the time, so we can just include some literature discussions with that.
As you can see, I still have a few decisions to make! It seems like a lot, but we don't do all those things every day. I really like to feel like I'm doing the best thing, but that seems to change up from time to time and I have to re-evaluate.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have not been able to load the Christmas photo's. I am still using another camera and am not quite sure how it works. We may have to skip posting Christmas picutres this year!
It has been cold in Georgia and frankly it's getting a bit wearing. We dont' keep that many warm clothes, because we don't need them. It has snowed alot for us, and the kids were wearing gloves that I bought about 15 years ago! I may have to buy a new pair!
However, Isabelle and Joseph really had fun playing in the snow! It's such a novelty for them!
It does make me smile too! It looks like it will be warming up this weekend!
Our backyard
The snowman