Monday, December 17, 2012

He's growing!

Last week

 One month and two months
Same Pose last week at 4 months

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Samuel Update

He started using the exersaucer.  This is his first try and he wanted that horsey!
He's all over the place in there now.

I thought I should pump a little just in case we ever had an emergency or something.
Here we had a little leftover so for fun Brendon tried to give him a bottle.
He thought it was funny, but did NOT take a drink.
He likes the tried and true!

Love his little hand over his face!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Homeschool Classes

Isabelle and Joseph take a few classes as part of our home education.  I found a place that offered a la carte style classes, as opposed to a hybrid style homeschool or a co-op.  A hybrid does offer the convenience of a complete curriculum and a weekly day (or two) of classes, but the drawback is that you lose control and creativity of your own curriculum.  A co-op offers classes, but parents must participate in each class so there is no free day to do errands.

I found a place that offers classes for whichever subject you would like to outsource, and parental involvment is shared around.  I only needed to be there for 3-4 classes during the Semester. 

Isabelle and Joseph both took a writing class.  I have seen some really great progress in just one semester.  In addition to writing Isabelle takes a drama class and an art class, while Joseph takes a guitar class and a drawing class.

Isabelle in writing class

Joseph in writing class
Guitar class
Art class

Drama Class
Drawing Class

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Diet Update

We are both still at it!  Obviously, we are heading into the the holidays and generally that doesn't go well with weightloss.  We are not trying to lose much until the new year rolls around.  I hope to lose 2-3 pounds by the new year.  I like to celebrate the holidays!  I also decided not to start any running up until then, although the idea of walking sounds fantastic.  I have been walking while the kids take tennis each Tuesday and really enjoyed it. 

I made it through Thanksgiving with a steady weight over the week.  No loss, but no gain! Yeah!!!