Monday, December 03, 2012

Homeschool Classes

Isabelle and Joseph take a few classes as part of our home education.  I found a place that offered a la carte style classes, as opposed to a hybrid style homeschool or a co-op.  A hybrid does offer the convenience of a complete curriculum and a weekly day (or two) of classes, but the drawback is that you lose control and creativity of your own curriculum.  A co-op offers classes, but parents must participate in each class so there is no free day to do errands.

I found a place that offers classes for whichever subject you would like to outsource, and parental involvment is shared around.  I only needed to be there for 3-4 classes during the Semester. 

Isabelle and Joseph both took a writing class.  I have seen some really great progress in just one semester.  In addition to writing Isabelle takes a drama class and an art class, while Joseph takes a guitar class and a drawing class.

Isabelle in writing class

Joseph in writing class
Guitar class
Art class

Drama Class
Drawing Class

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