Monday, September 08, 2014

Florida Vacation

Joseph is finally tall enough to drive the carts by himself!!!

Racing with big sis!

Me too!!!

Awesome Dad!

Clinging to Sis, that water is scary!

Surfer boys!

Construction Progress

 It took forever to get the concrete poured, because it rained for weeks.

The framing is fun and goes quickly.

The opening on the far right is a drive through.

Sunroom.  I am really looking forward to this space!

We were stuck at this stage for almost 2 months while the city officials figured out their own little problems.

I really had fun watching the roofers.  I am so behind times, I didn't realize they use rock climbing ropes these days and swing around all over the place.  Pretty cool and a lot safer.

We are making plans to finish up now.  I'm looking forward to it.


April Birthdays

Joseph's 12th Birthday

Isabelle's 14th Birthday

In the Spring

Isabelle and Joseph attended their Cotillion Ball