Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hauling Away Debris

Four dumpsters and a dump truck

This is what we are looking at today.
It rained yesterday, so we lost a day. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Demolition Day

This is what is left of the shed and deck.

We took a break from homeschool to watch this!  

This old shed was an eyesore, but apparently very sturdy and had to take hits from three sides to bring down the roof. 

Samuel was scared the whole time.

Dumpster is arriving in the morning and all the debris hauled off.

House Changes

We are making a few changes to the old house in the next few weeks.
The old garage/shed is being demolished, as well as the red deck.
We will add a real sunroom/conservatory and garage or carriage house.
Over time we will add a metal roof (tin roof) to the house.  It originally had metal shingles.
The new carriage house will have a metal roof and the same roof line as the house.
We have a plan for the place and will implement over the next few years.

The shed and red deck that are being demolished.  Also, the wires are being moved to the front corner of the house.    We live in an older area so the lines have never been buried.  We could do it, but we won't at this time.

Winter  at the house.

Deck, shed and electric wires

A misty Summer Morning last year.