Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This month we managed (perhaps!) to settle nicely into our homeschool daily and weekly routines. Although it was still as hot as hades for a good portion of the month, the last few days have been heavenly with the cooler weather! Our moods seem to lift and a feeling of carefree elation comes when we step out and smell the fresh crisp air! Isabelle even put on a long sleeved shirt this morning to honor the new season, and well and to keep her arms warm!

Mondays we rise very early. Dress, eat and head out the door for our long day of homeschool co-op classes. It's a fun day and we look forward to being with so many other families. We have close to an hour for lunch and we usually eat and play outside. It seems that I need to get an ant bite each Monday as well! Arghh! Yesterday, it rained and we could not go out for lunch. It definetly makes a difference, especially as we use a church basement to meet for our classes. No windows and no time outside for lunch is a quite long day!
Tuesdays we spend the day studying at home. I may sign up for a science class at a county science and environmental center that meets one Tuesday a month. It is an amazing local place.
Wednesday mornings we are at home studying and the afternoons the kids have an art class. They are studying art through the ages 102. Each year the class studies different periods in history and the art that was going on at the time. I guess they always start with Egypt. That is what they are doing right now, and that is what they started with last year. I know Egypt is huge historically, but it doesn't interest me all that much! The kids, however, really enjoy it!
Thursdays we study at home and have piano lessons in the afternoon.
Fridays are a mix. We always do work at home, but sometimes there is an enrichment day with our co-op, we may start going to homeschool ice skating day and start planning some play dates as well.
Isabelle is running in a homeschool cross country club and they practice on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We usually only go to one practice because of the driving. I get a little bonkers with driving so much right now.
I know I need to get my camera back into action and post more frequently! I will try!
How's everyone?