Monday, October 04, 2010

Star Wars!!!

We take a homeschool class on Mondays. We have our own curriculum, but they go over alot of important things that each kid needs to know. Multiplication tables, grammar, history and a science experiment. A little art/music apprectiation etc..

Today in Joseph's class they were learning the possessive pronouns. His class is all boys that are 8/9 years old. His teacher was teaching them the nursery song The Three Little Kittens so that they could sing the pronouns to the tune. The boys were all sitting there staring at her, probably not paying too much attention at this point. (I was so tired today, and so were the other mom's that I was half asleep in the back of the room) Joseph raises his hand and half stands out of his seat saying "I have a better idea Mrs. Heath" (at which point I come out of my sleepy haze wondering what he's going to say!) She graciously says "yes, Joseph what is it?" He then sings the possesive pronouns to the Star Wars theme song! She laughed and the boys loved it! Imagine each word going with each note of the theme song: " mine, yours, his, hers ours, yours, theirs, possesiv pronouns!"

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All American Family said...

How cute is this! Just LOVE it! And I bet those boys remembered the pronouns when it was sung to a tune they like! Pretty ingenious of Joseph I'd say! ;)