Monday, January 03, 2011

Inside a Renovation!

Here are some of the very first photo's taken of the new house. A lot has already changed and I will post that as I get time.
Let's just get the worst out of the way first!

The very lovely bath!

The lovely bathroom! It will be completly renovated in every way. The powder blue tub is already gone and well everything else. We found out that 155,000 gallons of water leaked in the bathroom..and you could tell!

The Dining Room

The Living Room

The beautifully carpted stairs. It's your first vision when you enter the house!
Currently the carpet is gone and the stairs will get a complete overhaul, because they are so steep and narrow. Very scary to walk down.

This is a bedroom, but will end up being our closet/bath eventually.

The kitchen, with work stuff sitting out.

The Living Room
These are some of the first pictures we shot.

All the fake paneling, fake floors, and fake ceilings are gone!!!

Also that beautiful wood stove is gone, and someone paid us for it!

Under the fake wood floors, were real hardwoods. Hiding under the fake paneling was sheetrock, under which was wallpaper, and finally hardwood plank walls!!
When we took off the sheetrock we discovered two additional fireplaces for a total of four!

We discovered that there were 12'8" ceilings above the dropped ceilings, and they are hardwood planks as well!

Hmm..We also discovered that they used to burn large amounts of coal, and we are in for a major clean up.
If anyone is looking for me, I can usually be found peeling wallpaper at the new place!

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