Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homeschool 2012-2013 Reading and History

We use Sonlight for our reading and history spine this year.  I found a previously owned curriculum on Craigslist and ordered.  It actually came with the whole curriclum: All the books, plus language arts, science and religious studies in addition to the lesson plans.  We use only the literature and history books because we are doing other things for those other subjects.  It does have a suggested bible reading seperate from the religious studies and we follow along with that as well.

We chose Sonlight because Isabelle and Joseph really love to read and the lesson plans allowed them to begin each day without me while Samuel was in the newborn phase and I was groggy from sleep deprivation!  I simply took a highlighter to the lesson plans and showed them how to follow along with each days assignments.  It has worked out really great!  Now that Samuel is past the newborn sleep deprived stage I am able to get us all started on our day at the same time.

We chose Core F because we thought it would be interesting to study countries/continents that don't often get much time in "western" education.  This part of our curriculum was added fairly quickly to our original base of math and handwriting.

I have not been diligent about some of the research they should do online to learn about the countries.  I hope to get more disciplined in that area.  They really have some in depth questions about the different countries (geography, culture, population, history etc..) and it's a great way to learn some researching skills.

Isabelle reading
Joseph reading the same book later on with Samuel

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