Monday, August 13, 2007

Phone calls

The phone rang last night and I looked on the read out screen to see who it was. It was one of the ones where you can't tell and I went ahead and answered it. The foreign sounding voice asked if I was Mrs. Briggs. If you are like me and you hear an accented voice asking for Mrs. Briggs would you assume it was a telemarketer? I did and I did not pay any attention to what they were saying as I was preparing in my head to tell them I was not interested and hang up. Then I heard the voice saying "and I'm going to be Joseph's teacher next year!" What? What? I said...could you tell me your name again?!! Joseph's teacher is Mrs. Leonard and she's from South Africa. I had hoped he would get her, but I had no idea she was from SA. Whew! Close call!

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