Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Deorating stage two.

Those chairs have been around for many sticky hand years and it was showing big time.
They have stood up well to little ones sitting on the arms and all that. But, it was time for them
to get a facelift. Simple was the only way to go with the mantle and it
works for now. I hope to get another lamp for that little round table
at some point. We painted
about 2 months ago and have slowly put together
a few things. Anyway, I said I'd update on the progress
and this is it.
Of course it's always this tidy!


Mimi/Susan said...

Looks great!

bradshelley said...

Where is the magic wand to keeping it so tidy?! Looks great! Shelley

Kristen said...

Looks beautiful!