Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dog Delinquents

Our two lovable hounds have really gotten into some bad behaviour lately! On Monday morning at about 5:20AM the phone rang. We were dead asleep, but when the phone rings at that hour it is worrisome. I jumped up and answered it and was suprised when Officer "soandso" from xyz County police department wanted to know if I knew a black lab named Sarah. Um..yes..she's mine. Well, she's out here in my car on the corner of this street and that street, which happens to be right across from my house. So, since I was wearing a night gown with tea cups on it Brendon went out to get them..both dogs were out, but Mavis had managed to loose her collar as well. There were two patrol cars out on the street chasing down my dogs! These guys were young and chatty and if I had been dressed and awake I would have made them coffee. After we got the whole story of my lunatic dogs we started the day.

Yesterday two neighborhood boys came knocking on my door after school and told me the dogs were out again! I went and got them back in the fence.

This morning as I was drinking coffee and getting ready to leave the house I heard voices talking and it was very close, so I looked out the window and there's a neighbor and his daughter dragging my Border Collie to the fence and putting her in. She promptly ran to the hole and got out again along with our lab.

They have somehow managed to escape several times this week and we are not sure how or why. They may have spring fever. They are literally chewing the pickets off the fence and climbing under. Right now they are locked in the screen porch and will REMAIN there until we can figure out what in this world to do with them. I literally have to lock the door because they actually know how to push the handle down to get out if I don't lock it!! Not even kidding! I'm about to pull my hair out!!!

This is the latest picket they have chewed off.

They crawl through this hole! See the new picket we

put on there two days ago! They will not be stopped!!!

Brand new pickets. See how they already

started chewing it?

See the huge beam we had to put behind the fence? See

the hole they are digging? They are insane!

Mavis and Sarah! Do they look BAD???


Mimi/Susan said...

Mavis is middle age crazy and Sarah is senile!

Kristen said...

This post cracked me up...thanks for the laugh. (just glad it's not me having to deal with it!) ;)

Tassiepa said...

I think they are trying to tell Brendon he has the pickets on upside down!!!!
How about some pics of the Vegy garden?

Ray, Karen and Family said...

Oh my goodness! I thought you only had 2 kids! I think I know for sure now why we don't have any pets....not even goldfish. Good luck getting them to stay home.

Mommabelle said...

This fence was built before we moved in and they didn't use the thicker style pickets. They didn't have dogs either! I think the fence was just to keep their kids safe. Once we sell the other house we will put in a good fence.