Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

Thank you Brendon, Isabelle and Joseph for everything!
Breakfast was yummy! The coffee delicious! The cards so sweet!
I love the tulips!
I love and adore you! Y'all do such a great job of making it
a pleasure to be a Mommy!

Thanks to all the Dad's who put on a great lunch yesterday!


swissmiss said...

fancy running into you here! I didn't have a clue who you could be until I checked out yours and saw your first names and Atlanta Ga. It is great to catch up and I guess if I search through your blog I will find a pic of you two somewhere. How did you stumble upon us?

bradshelley said...

How was your trip??? Can you send me your e-mail address??? I just wanted to catch up on some things.