Monday, October 13, 2008

Morning Routine

I'm interested in the morning routines of people and families who are not morning people.
It's definetly no secret that I'm so seriously in that category of people! It simply doesn't matter what time I fall asleep, be it 8PM or 11PM, I am still barely able to function come wake up time.

I would just love to bounce out of bed, but what I really need is an IV line with coffee directly poured through my veins! I will say that once I've had coffee things take a slight turn in a better direction. Naturally, I always sound cheerful and wide awake when I tell the kids it's time to get up and come down for breakfast. They will soon be on to the fact that my chirpy attitude is somewhat of an effort and maybe not ..umm totally genuine for that hour of the day!

Here's my current "routine". I get up and stumble bleary eyed to the bathroom. Hoping on the way that I don't fall and hit my head on the bathtub. I usually stumble into the wall on the way. After that I go into the closet to find some clothes. Lately I've been so tired that I lay on the closet floor (similar to childs pose position in yoga) for awhile and stare at the clothes! It really doesn't matter too much what I wear to work, so I just find something clean and hope for the best. Then I go snuggle the kids a few minutes, and act cheerful and get them out of bed and down the stairs. (By the way they do not pretend.. andDO NOT act cheerful!) Finally, I get coffee and have 5 minuets just sitting and drinking it while the kids eat. (All the while Brendon has been dressed and cooking...he's a morning person!) Thankfully, I do make lunches and lay out kids clothes the night before so it's all easy after we are downstairs. We leave at 7:15. Should I just head straight to the coffee after I get up? I'm sure y'all would love to see pictures of this whole scenario!

Tell me your stories!

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Kristen said...

At this point in my life my morning routine is a little bit different than yours. It's up at 6:00 to get the "suckling" out of her bed and into ours so she can have her "first" breakfast. Then lay there awake for about 15 minutes until David gets up to get ready for work. Then sleep for about an hour before I'm awakened to Jacob's voice (through the monitor) as he talks to his cars, bears, books, etc. Then suckling wakes up for "breakfast" number 2 about 8:30 - which of course she takes her time eating. About 9:00 I hear Jacob calling "Mommy Mommy Mommy" so it's off to get him out of bed, diaper changed (nope STILL not potty trained), teeth brushed, clothes put on, and breakfast made for him. It's about that time that Lia starts wanting to be fed again...and the cycle continues.