Friday, January 30, 2009

How are you doing?

Hello! It's been awhile!

We enjoyed our holidays with our family!

Christmas Eve

Brendon, Isabelle and Joseph always make a gingerbread house together!
After the New Year, we started to homeschool! We are studying with a homeschool program, called Veritas Classical Schools. Each Wednesday the kids go to class for 5 hours, and we follow along with the humanities curriculum the rest of the week at home. On Tuesdays they are taking an art class, which they are really loving! We do our own math program. It is called Right Start Math, and it's actually alot of fun! I researched alot of math programs and decided on this one because I really liked the manipulatives plus so many people love it. When I got the big box, we were all excited! The first few days for me, were sort of frustrating, because I was trying to figure it out, but now we are sailing along!
How are you? Especially the one's I don't see that often! Aunt Jan? Kristen? (I keep updated by reading your blog!) Alison? Shelley? Anyone else? Please drop a line and let me know how you are doing!

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Kristen said...

Hey Tamara - I'm still here. I just finally updated my blog tonight. We were in FL for a week so that's what my latest post is about. We're good. Just sailing along. ;) Lia is growing WAY to fast and Jacob is being a great big brother to her. It's really sweet to see the two of them interacting with each other now. Glad to see the updated picture of Isabelle and Joseph. Why did you decide to start home schooling?