Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What have we been doing?

This month has flown by. I did not anticipate it being such a busy month, and so
I'm playing "catch up" in so many areas right now.
Here are a few highlights.

Isabelle is very into Harry Potter right now.
There she is with her nose in a book!
She says, on occasion, that it's unfair to have to do
school work because she really is dying to read the next plot in
Harry Potter!

Here are Sarah and Mavis trying to get in the screen porch.
Believe me, if we did not lock the door they could certainly
get in. Sarah pushes the handle down and then quickly inserts her paw
in the opening and voila she's in!

One day, while I was gone of coure, Daddy took the kids
to Wendy's! They received a "spy" pack in the
kids meal and this is Joseph "mug" shot!

Here is Isabelle's "mug" shot!
They are some scary looking spies!

The kids felt St. Francis needed to understand how important
sun protection is! Or? I'm not sure what the deal is, but this is what
I found in the backyard!

I have made great progress on keeping my downstairs in great ordermost days, but this week I'm beat. I did actually DO the laundry, but here it is waiting for me to take it upstairs and put it away!

(Do you see that Harrpy Potter book on the chair?)

This month I ran the Atlanta Womens 5K and got a PR!
It's not fast by most runners standards, but I'm happy!
I ran 29:53!
Now, I'm trainig for my first triathlon. It's going to be tough, for me, but
it's fun. I think swimming is the hardest. I, also, actually, need a
road bike. I have a mountain bike and that will do, unless I stumble
across a great deal. I found one on Craigs list, but I need to win the lottery
or something! (Does anyone have a 48 cm or 19inch bike? Ha!)
Isabelle and Joseph just finished up their basketball season, and are
going to be doing flag football this spring.
Brendon is still working our garden. He planted some cucumbers, squash and
watermelon last night. The lettuces are looking awesome. I think we will be
eating lots of lettuce! Do you want some?
Well, that's all folks!


Mimi/Susan said...

Joseph has a great mug shot going on!

Nannylyn said...

Thankyou so much Mommabelle for those treasured pics, it just means so much. And my aren't those pets growing up!!