Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Happenings

I totally need to catch up around here!

Tonight I turned on my camera to take pictures of the latest garden yummies, and my camera did not work! I changed the battery, and it still did not work! I'm very concerned. I put the battery back in the charger and will try again in the morning. Oh, please please work tomorrow!
Then, I took pictures with Brendons little camera and I can't get the images to upload. Oh, well!

Someone in this house took this photo a few weeks ago, and it very well could have been a kid! I have my morning coffee and catch up on emails and blogs. Sort of like my version of reading the newspaper! Also that counter space right there is the designated drop zone in this house and nearly impossible to keep tidy. Nearly... Oh, and my brain definetly doesn't work before that first cup of coffee kicks in...I warn you not to talk to me before then!

We have been busy with swim team. Every morning we have practice and it takes up most of the morning. By the time we get home the kids are starving, so we do lunch and then we do a little math work. We have a couple of play dates each week, go to the library one day and have a swim meet on Thursday. It's been a very pleasant summer so far!

Hopefully my camera will start working and I can post some more pictures.

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