Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Morning

We have been a little busy, and it's been hard to get on here and post.

Homeschool is chugging along. I'm still deciding what all we will do next year.

We are tired of the hybrid system. I feel like it boxes us in and limits us. There is quite a bit of work to do, so there is no time to add in and they don't like it when I substitue work. We will finish out the school year, but the next year or so we will design our own curriculum. I'm not saying we will never do it again, but not for awhile.

The sun has finally come out! I hope it sticks around and we have some nice weather.

Isabelle and Joseph just finished up their basketball season! They really improved this year.

Piano lessons are coming along. They have their first recital next week!

Easter is around the corner!!!

Joseph told me he would give up vegetables for Lent. Haha! I nixed that idea!

Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Rae said...

Dear Busy Lady,
I came over from All American family and it's always good to read about other homeschoolers.

We follow The Well Trained Mind by Jessie Wise and LOVE it. We don't do EVERYTHING in there but it's a great resource for picking and choosing as they have already dug through the millions of homeschool materials out there and only highlight the ones they REALLY like. I appreciate their teaching theories and general homeschooling ideas and so even though I've read a lot of homeschooling books, I find myself going back to that one time after time.

Happy Homeschoolers In NE