Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Garden update

This is our little garden in the backyard so far. The kids love to help plant and water. It's really fun for all of us!
Do you see that trail behind Joseph? That's Mavis's (our border collie) track. We have fenced off that area and she is not happy! She "patrol's" our yard all day long and now that corner is blocked off and she is really worried! Since we moved to this house Mavis has lost a lot of weight because she is so busy and our yard is so much bigger. There are geese and birds, possums and who knows what, plus lot of children around. She has a big job keeping us safe! Our lab Sarah, is getting older, but she is much happier here too and she can't stand the cat next door who sits just on the other side of the fence licking her paws and driving our dogs mad!


bradshelley said...

I don't want a garden but...I wish I had the weather for a garden!!! It would be fun to have a garden but I am the only one who would attend it and I don't have time right now. Enjoy all of your goods!!!

Kristen said...

Looks like y'all have some good "garden helpers". ;) Enjoy the fruets of your labor.