Saturday, July 12, 2008


I just have not been in a blogging frame of mind lately.

Brendon just spent a week in Tasmania visiting his family and attending a suprise birthday party for his parents who both turn 60 this month! He had a great time, but we are all exhausted now because he can't sleep and so neither can I.

My dogs are now confined to the screen porch unless I sit out in the yard and watch them. I just couldn't risk them escaping anymore.

The kids and I have been biking on a local greenway a few times a week here lately. It is really a very pretty place and we totally enjoy it.

This weekend we are resting up and staying close to home with no big plans. What about y'all?

River in Launceston

Brendon with his Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister and niece Liana


Mimi/Susan said...

Love seeing the family picture. I notice how everyone has matured since your wedding. Well not Kevin and Lyn so much, but all of their kids certainly have.

Kristen said...

Glad Brendon got to go home to see his parents...I know they were thrilled to see him! Great pictures.