Monday, July 21, 2008

Backyard camping

Isabelle, Joseph and little bit of me


The tent

I found this hosta growing in my backyard near some weeds!
I will be transplanting that somewhere!

On Friday night Brendon set up our tent in the backyard for a night of camping!
We had hot dogs and then we made a camp fire and roasted marshmellows (which no one really likes, but it is fun to do)!
We then settled down on those nice comfy air mattresses! Joseph wasn't too comfortable so we found the crib mattress that is in storage in the basement and he slept on that. Around 10:30 I decided to head to my real bed. We need another solution for sleeping beside air mattresses. Brendon is way taller and weighs about 60lbs more than I do so sharing an air mattress is not a great idea!
The three of them all ended up in bed together in the middle of the night, because they got a little cold. I think it was 64F out there, so it was a perfect night for being outside.
We watched the lightenin bugs. It reminded of when Brendon first moved here and saw his first firefly. He yelled out, because he thought he was seeing things. It was hilarious!
That reminds me of another story I have to share. When Joseph was around two he would wash his hands in the toilet and I could not for the life of me figure out why he was doing it. One day I heard Brendon tell him "go wash your hands in the toilet" and I had an a-ha moment! For Aussies the "toilet" is the "bathroom" and here it is just the "throne". So, anyway, that was why Joseph was totally confused! He was just doing what was asked! It was pretty funny! Or, maybe you had to be there?! LOL


Mimi/Susan said...

I didn't know either one of those stories! I knew Jos played in the potty but not that he was washing his hands in it. Funny.

Jan said...

I sent a comment yesterday but it didn't go through. Looks like you had a fun family outing in the back yard. Atleast you were close to your own bed! I think that is a funny story about Joseph. The two sides of his heritage was confusing.

Kristen said...

How hilarious is that..washing his hands in the toilet!! And what fun for your 3 "kids" to camp in the back yard...I would have been like you I think and ended up in my own bed.

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