Monday, September 28, 2009

Kristen posted a blog about how she met her husband! I was around for some of this time! They are really great together, even though we don't get to see each other that often. I should haul myself out to Texas for big ole visit sometime!

I might post about how I met my husband too. I'll have to get that together and find some pictures etc.. I tell you what would be funny is a post about how you stay married..aghh you first! Kristen? Giggle giggle! Now, I know that is never going to happen in blog world! Men and women: we do make a pair don't we?! It is fun and I love Brendon! He's the best!

We are cruising along with our homeschool year. I have to say homeschool suits our family. I'm so glad we had some school experience though. Schools can be great and really suit some families. For us though, we learn so much more, and life is so much easier and simpler. We do get out a lot and and Mondays and Fridays are the only days we are truly home all day.

Last week the floods damaged the church where our homeschool class meets on Tuesdays and they can't be occupied any time soon. Churches tend to be the only places that will rent out space for one day a week, so I called eight in our area and one was very interested in an arrangement with our "school". (Alot of them run preschools so they don't have space during the week.) The most delightful thing about it is that it is virtually right across the street from my neighborhood. It will take me literally 5 minutes to get there! Tomorrow is our first day in the new facilities! Woohoo!

Did I mention that I ended up with an injury from running? It seems to be clearing up, and I might attempt a tiny little run one day this week to see what happens. I'm looking forward to running again. I know I will have to start out slowly, but I've got all winter to build up again. I really want to do another triathlon next spring..or several! It's fun for me.

My camera is still broken! ARGhhhh!

What's up with you?

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I love the background on your blog! I am going to try being more creative with it hopefully. See you soon.