Monday, September 14, 2009


Isabelle and Joseph go to class one day per week. A few weeks ago they had their first day of class! They began their school year at the beginning of August, and these classes began a few weeks later. They go over their liberal arts/humanties curriculum in this class. It's fun for them, and I get 5 hours in a row once a week to do what I want or need to do!
On another day they have homeschool PE at the gym ( I get my own workout in while they have PE!) and an art class in an art studio.
We also have a great piano teacher nearby and take lessons once a week as well!
It's enough to keep us quite busy!
For math Isabelle is using teaching textbooks and it really is great!
Joseph will begin to use teaching textbooks soon, but they are still working on his level.
For now we are just doing workbooks with him.
If you need some fun help with multiplication check out these resources:
Times Tales is so interesting and fun. It's amazing how it works!
Timez Attack just helps reinforce the facts in a very fun way.

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