Saturday, February 26, 2011

Father Daughter Dance

Isabelle and Brendon had a date night!
It was a spectacular Father Daughter dance hosted by our homeschool group.
This year I decided to join the biggest homeschool group closest to our area and it has been really fabulous!
Brendon raved about the dinner they had catered!
I also hear the girls had an absolutly delightful evening full of fun and dancing! In fact I heard that it's such a hit that it's a yearly must do!
It was listed as dressy to semi-formal. We had a dressy dress in the closet and that's what we went with this year!
Isn't she such a honey!?!?


All American Family said...

How cool! Isabelle is beautiful, and looks so proud. ;) Of course Brendon looks pretty proud too. Beautiful family you have Tamara!

Mommabelle said...

Thank you!