Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The paint and the chimney

Remember the Chimney sweep dropped by the house. We are in LUCK! They Chimney's are in awesome shape! There was just a bunch of ash and coal dust piled on top of those boards. We do need to do a few small cleaning things plus add a damper to the top of the chimney. The chimney's are probably 100 years old and still in good condition. However with chimney's that old the damper has to go on top of the chimney and a chain hangs down that we can pull to open and close it.

The Paint! I did go check on some light paint colors and came away with a color called icy waterfall. It's a white with a blue tint and we are going to use it in the living room, and down the hallway and to the upstairs!

I have also picked out some outdoor paint. In time we will change the siding of the house and probably the door color, but for now we are having a red door and dark green shutters. I was going to use a black paint on the shutters called broadway. It had some brownish/greenish undertones, but then Brendon found a very dark green and I like it better. I think it's called Charleston green. The one thing that will probably change when we get better siding is perhaps the door will become a more neutral color, but for now I hope it will make the house look cute!

We found the original front door and it was red the same shade as the shutters. I have sanded it andd it's ready for paint. We also need to paint the front porch floor gray and the ceilng blue.

The Bathroom: We found a claw foot tub on Craigslist that a farmer was selling. It also came with an old sink that we will sit on top of a vanity. The tub is not in perfect condition, but it is not terrible either. We will sand it and paint the outside of it. The inside of the tub only has a few nicks, so we will figure out what to do about that.

I've been sanding away, and hope to finish up with that CHORE this week! Then we can paint and move on to getting those floors sanded.

The house is actually starting to look like a place you could live!


James said...

I''m glad to see an update on your house. I have been wondering how the restoration has been going. Maybe we will get to see it sometime in April.

Mommabelle said...

It would be great to see y'all in April!

3 Peanuts said...

The progress on your house sounds fabulous. I love the way that paint sounds. We used a white with a pale blue tint in the master in our VA house and I loved it.