Friday, March 04, 2011

Ashes and Ashes

We finally had to quit avoiding the fireplaces and got down and cleaned out the chimney's otherwise we coulnd't go forward with some other work.  There were six of the buckets full of ashes in this particular chimney (and a bird head! YUCK!!!).  I'm so very glad Brendon was cleaning that one out!  I would love to take a hose pipe and spray up into the chimney. I have to say they are pretty cool chimney's when you look up into them.  There are two fireplaces per chimney and they have a convex curve of brick protuding out one side and arching up so that the smoke is drawn upwards and not drawn into the other room. (It does have a slight ledge though and that's were the ashes built up.)  That might be boring for you, but I think it's pretty neat, plus the old brick is quite pretty inside. 

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Mimi/Susan said...

No picture taken inside the chimney? Try taking one!