Monday, March 14, 2011

Travel Snapshot

Every now and again I am going to write about some of the traveling experiences I've had.  Memories pop into my head when I'm driving places, doing a mundane chore or have the occasional spare moment (I'm a daydreamer!) and I thought it would be fun to document and share some of them.  Traveling around with a backpack, I had a rather interesting time when I was young and single.  Brendon and I share that experience.  We traveled to a lot of the same places, as well as various different places, and it's something we have in common.  We grew up in different countries and met in another country entirely, which has caused us to have a combination of ideas and experiences that are perhaps uniquely our own.  We are used to the way we are, but have realized sometimes our mixture of ideas bring a different vibe to the the table so to speak.  While we have become comfortable with the way we are, it may be confusing or disorienting when we don't fit the status quo, because in many ways we are the regular couple with children.  I may have to scan some old photo's before I get started, but look for a post in a few weeks or so!

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