Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Joseph's Birthday

Joseph's and Isabelle have birthdays that are just two days apart, so we combined a few fun things.  However, this is a post about Joseph's 9 year old birthday!  He's grown to be quite the big boy this year!  He's wonderful and we love his precious self!

 Very early on April 8th, we got up and ran to find our gifts!

 Special gift from the Deally's!

 We combined a restaurant outing in celebration of Isabelle and Joseph's birthdays.
We headed to Ippolito's which was their choice. 
Here's an aside for shorter ladies..their booths are HUGE and very uncomfortable.  I could not touch the floor or the back of the bench. 
However, we had a blast!

 This is my honey girl! Totally enjoying the fun and food!

 Brendon and Joseph

 Mommy (Tamara) and Isabelle

 We came home and had the cake of Joseph's choice: Blue Velvet Cake!
I explained to him that red velvet cake was chocolate cake with red dye and that is how he came up with blue velvet cake, and yes there are lots of recipe's on-line believe it or not!

 Blowing out NINE candles!

I'll be honest eating blue cake was somewhat hard to do for this Mom!
Look at that!  

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