Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eastery Sunday - 2012

 Easter Sunday 2012 was shared with Joseph's 10th birthday! It was a big day of celebration around our house!
Unfortunately, I did not get any photo's of our family at church this year.
Our table Saturday evening.
 Two baskets waiting for children to wake up and dive into chocolate!  Believe me they wake up very early when there are special occasions!  This year, their dear mother instituted a rule: No candy before church! The reason being is that we were all a little too excited during worship last year!
 Isabelle and Joseph: Blessings to our family!
 Joseph: Always proud to dress up!

 If you take a close look you will see there are five of us now!
Isabelle has her first pair of heels on as well!
 Our drinks table for dinner.
Simply set table, but it's fun!
 Uncle Kelley
 Brendon our chef!
 Isabelle our helper!

 Sebastian and Mimi

Obviously, I did not get pictures of everyone.  Papa and Lora and myself were all at dinner that night too!
Brendon prepared beef tenderloin from the half a cow we purchased a few months back.  It was totally delicious!  He also tried out a new roasted potato recipe, which is actually his best one ever!  I will have to share it with you.  Much thanks to Jamie Oliver!
Dessert was Joseph's birthday cake and that's our next blog post!!!

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