Monday, April 30, 2012

Joseph's 10th Birthday...double digits!

Joseph turned 10 on Easter Sunday!
Normally, I love to bake cakes for our children's birthday.
They usually make a requests and I try and comply to the best of my abilities!
This year with Easter and two birthdays in one week and expecting it just seemed like a great
idea to let someone else do the baking.  I sure did miss it though.
Joseph chose cookies and cream cake.
We added a couple of bay blades on top as a surprise and those awesome sparkler candles.
Here's a smile to warm your heart!

This was very early in the morning!

 Pa and Nanny sent the green stuff!
 Mom and Dad caved to a video game!
We only do electronics Friday through Sunday, so this game will last awhile.
 Our homeschool group planned a Father -Son day at Lego land at Phipps!
It was a major hit!  According to Dad it was also pretty wild!
Avoid going on the weekend if you can.
Ready to head out for Lego fun!
This was a week later, but part of his birthday.
 Joseph and giant Lego guy.
 A Lego Atlanta city scape.
 Joseph and Merlin
 Joseph on a Lego race slope.
He loved this!
 Lego Atlanta Braves stadium.

Joseph got an awesome pedal go-cart from his Mimi and Papa, and I need to get a photo to post!
It wears energetic boys out!

Next up:  Isabelle's birthday!

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