Monday, September 10, 2007

Little House on the Prairie

We finished Little House on the Prairie last night. Reading this book as an adult was very interesting. Little House in the Big Woods, the first in the series, was such a wonderful heartwarming story. It was almost an idyllic life. To me they were a little too lonely, but other than that it was such a great time they had together.
Then we come to Little House on the Prairie. I think Ma did not know how aweful it was going to be or she would never have left the Big Woods. First of all they traveled for months in a wagon with 3 kids and a dog and oh let's don't forget 2 horses. Finally they get to where they are going...which is the place Pa finally decided to stop! Keep in mind he didn't have a map or stop for directions (some things don't change) and this does have dire consequences! At this point they must build a house. Ma helps Pa put up a log cabin. At one point a log, the size of a tree, falls on her foot and she says "oh Charles I'll be allright!" Are you laughing yet? Then they all come down with malaria and nearly die except a Doctor happens to be riding into the area and saves them.
It turns out they have settled in Indian territory and must leave. There are plenty of discussions between Laura and her parents about "Indians". I really had to skip over some of these conversations. I know that is what people thought at the time, but I don't even want my kids to hear such horrible things at this young stage in their life. Ma says at one point "the only good Indian is a dead Indian!" Ummm...yep I skipped right over that comment. Ever wonder where Wal-Mart and other people got the idea for emminent domain? It seems it's a "wonderful" little tradition in this country. Pa tells Laura that white people are coming here and settling and that the Indians are going to have to get out. There were many other examples of that kind of thought. I have to say I feel it is downright shameful and it makes me wonder what sort of attitudes do I have in this day and age that will be looked upon similarly in the next century. In the end after only one year in the house they must leave and find new land.

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