Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Silly Quiz of the Week

Your Summer Ride is a Moped

While it's not the quickest (or sexiest) ride in town
It's perfect for getting you around the back roads of Rome or Paris

What did your ride turn out to be? I"m not sure how I'm supposed to get the kids and all on the moped, but it sure sounds like fun!


bradshelley said...

So I did the summer ride quiz...check out my blog

bradshelley said...

This doesn't relate to this blog but... we started reading the book the Little House in the Big Woods...The girls are enjoying it. Also, has Isabelle seen the chapter books about the Fairies...they are a series...I will have to check again the name of them...Ellie really likes them..Shelley

Mommabelle said...

Little House in the Big Woods is such a great book!

Matthews Family said...

Ok,You have us quizzing now. Fun. Hope to see you tonight.