Friday, September 21, 2007

Where does the time go?

Remember my post about a month ago where I was looking forward to doing all these activities because both children are in school full time now? Well, I'm not sure where the time actually goes, but it seems I have even LESS time than last year. I do get to take Spanish class two mornings a week. It is fun, but it's taking too much time, so after next week I'm going to take a private lesson once a week.
I'm the room mom in Joseph's classroom. I really had no idea I should ask for a salary when I signed up for this! I spend on average 30 minutes a day answering emails and helping parents and teacher with various things. is really great to be active at the school! I'm also a lunchroom lady at Isabelle's campus, which is just around the corner from Joseph's. Every other Thursday I don an emerald green apron and spend an hour and half helping the cook and the students and cleaning. Very glamorous!
And, that is where all my time goes!

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