Saturday, December 01, 2007

Decorate..paint first

Well...we could not live with the yellow in the kitchen and keeping area anymore. The yellow is fine as a color, but definitely not in this room. I forgot to take a picture of the cabinets, but I will and you can see why it's just blah blah blah with yellow. So, we tried a neutral terracotta color and several greens. We chose shagreen by sherwin williams for the walls. For the keeping room I plan to paint the ceiling cottage cream also by SW. We are going to put bead board up on the bar and paint it the cottage cream too. Oh, I have got to post a picture of the cabinets, because there's on section of them I think I'd like to paint cream too...but that's kinda scary!!!! One day (that'll be when we sell the other house) I want to get custom slip covers for the couch and chairs in the keeping room and some sort of window treatments...roman or something shades for the windows. That mantle, seems like it would be great, but it is a real real pain to decorate and because the mantle is rock everything sits wobbly. Urghh! So, this is a beginning to decorating and as the weeks (months) go by I hope there will be yummy, delicious and pretty progress!

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