Monday, December 17, 2007

An evening with good Friends!

The Koenig's came over Saturday evening. It's always a treat when we can get together with them. We live on different sides of Atlanta, so it is an accomplishment when we can arrange to get together. We've been friends since we had our first babies and met in baby massage class in Decatur! Wish we knew more wonderful families like them. Brendon had been wanting to cook paella, so he found Emirl's recipe on the food network and went for it. (We figured if it didn't go well we could always order pizza.) But!, it went so so so deliciously! I took several pictures of Tyler, but they didn't come out, but he is in the kids table shot. He is about 18 months and cutie, running around with super energy! Isabelle and Madison are peas in a pod. It is so funny to see the two of them together. And, Abi and Joseph are fun kids to hang out with.

(Push the music button on the snowman to turn off the music if you want.)

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bradshelley said...

Looks yummy and fancy. Shelley