Friday, December 07, 2007

The Dog ate my homework kind of afternoon!

Yesterday I had a nice lunch with another Mom. Then I headed off to carpool. While waiting on the kids I found out about bully in the classroom. I had heard about a few things from Isabelle, but now I've found out more! URghh!
Then Isabelle came to the car and all the sudden she's freaking out! Her homework fell out of her backpack..folder, composition book...everything! So, we stay till all the cars leave and go hunting everywhere for it...never could find it, but got some extra off the teacher.
We drive home and I pull in the driveway and see two girls from the neighborhood dragging my Border Collie across the neighbors yard and they are telling me Sarah is running around the neighborhood! Yep! We finally get the dogs in and the gate shut.
After that we are calm for awhile and have snack and do homework. But, later Brendon calls and someone has broken into our cabin and torn down the door, stolen the tv and two of the comforters off the king size beds! Luckily we don't have renters this weekend so we can get it fixed before next weekend.

After all of that, I actually felt ok, but did not cook dinner! You know...any excuse will do to not cook dinner! LOL Bread, and chese and chicken from the deli!!!

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