Thursday, April 09, 2009

Joseph's 7'th Birthday!

We all celebrated Joseph's birthday yesterday! Starting at around 6:15 AM!!! Isabelle woke up first and was excited for him! He opened presents in bed first! We have surely reached the lego stage of life!

Joseph requested a vanilla cake with chocolate chips in it. I made it the day before and yesterday we iced it with chocolate cream cheese icing! I sent the rest off to work with Brendon today, because we must not keep evil things (cake!) in our house!

Later on in the evening our good friends came over for pizza and cake! YUMMO!

Singing Happy Birthday!

We love to be silly! That was DK from Mario Kart on his cake!
It was hillarious to lick the chocolate (poop) off of his bottom!

Good night everyone!

Joseph loves smilebox creations, so below is a scrapbook with music of his day!


Life in Midlothian said...

Happy Birthday Joseph! Wish we could celebrate it with you. Have many more years of wonderful birthdays. Love, Nathan, Alison,caroline, Kayleen and Allie

Kristen said...

What a fun day! Wish we could be part of it too. Joseph is such a handsome little fella!!