Friday, April 03, 2009

A Registered Letter!

Two days ago we received one of those peach colored slips from the postlady, saying she missed us and had a registerd letter for us to pick up. The next day she deliverd the package from the Aussie cousins, and I talked to the post lady and she told me if I signed it and gave it to her she would deliver it today at noon!

She delivered as promised!

The letter was from Nanny and Pa!

We opened it as fast as we could, of course!

Inside were individual cards for each child!

They opened their cards, and the biggest bunch of squealing and jumping, and screaming and yelling ensued that I have ever seen from opening a card! It was like they won the lottery!!!!
They got some money from the grandparents for their birthdays! Holy cow! They've never had more than a dollar or two, so this totally took the cake! If I had known I would have turned on my cam corder! Mom was here so she took some pictures that I actually was in too!

Basking in the glow!

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Mimi/Susan said...

I heard some big ideas for spending that money!