Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Destin Fall 2012

Our family road tripped to the beach again this fall.  Samuel was six weeks old and this is his first vacation!  He did great.  It did take us about two hours longer on the road, but it was not so bad.
Here he is dipping his toe in the ocean for the first time.


It is very apparent how he felt about the experience!

 Snuggles from Daddy to recover!

 The kids love Izzy!  A great way to avoid other carbonated drinks.
They do get the occasional soft drink when we dine out.
Joseph with his refreshment after some hard surf playing!
Isabelle relaxing in the sun!
Love this action shot of Isabelle!  She loves to romp around the beach!
Samuel getting a dose of beach snuggles!

Possibly trying to catch some fish...see Isabelle's head?

 Fun on the shore

 I must get her a straw hat!

The first sandbar was very close in our section of beach.  Almost like a pool to play around in.

One red flag day.  The kids had a blast, but close to shore.

Isabelle heading out to body surf

Joseph flinging himself in the waves!

Sameul took a break from his book!

 The cutest beach bum in Destin!



We enjoyed a week of relaxation.  It is always nice to rest in the sun.  The end of September is always cooler and perfect to sit on the beach (as long as there's no fall storm).

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